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Font marketing and brand consultants

Work Logs:

The Canny Gardener (Aug 12 to date)

  • Providing Marketing Director level for this mail order / e-commerce enterprise
  • Design build and integration of a major e-commerce web site
  • Print management over of 1,000,000 catalogues per annum
  • Consumer research

Cookshop Direct (Nov 11 to date)

  • Design build and integration of a major e-commerce web site
  • Provision of ranging and pricing strategies
  • Creation of consumer proposition in the context of a crowded market place
  • Running PPC campaigns to build site traffic
  • Creation of Social Media strategy and links

Holiday Extras (Sept – Nov 11)

  • B2B research with clients and suppliers
  • Insight into market position and partner perception
  • Full presentation of key findings at board level
  • Comprehensive hard copy report with ‘drill down’ facility for more in-depth analysis

Lolita Glassware

  • Setting up UK marketing strategy
  • Designing Advertising & Sales Collateral
  • Supporting entry in major UK retail trade

International Avionics Company (Dec07 – date)

  • Restructure sales force and develop sales programme
  • Create new customer discovery process
  • Establish tracking procedures to ensure new business wins

Fashion Mail Order (Jun06 – date)

  • Consumer research and recommendations for communication strategies
  • Assessment of potential for retail presence with implications for multi-channel proposition to customers

Specialist Food Retailer in NW (Nov05 – date)

  • Reposition company in the context of main food players
  • Draw up 12 month marketing plan to maintain regular revisits and ensure maximum exposure at key buying periods and relevant product offer
  • Marketing campaign to managed consumer database
  • New store launch campaign to ensure high footfall and try out by consumers in potential catchment areas in first 6 months

Furniture Importer / Manufacturer (March06 – date)

  • Re-brand company to reflect needs of customers in the light of changes in the market and need to differentiate from low cost players
  • Restructure sales force and coach new sales director to ensure customer base is covered effectively and efficiently

EPOS software (Jan07 – date)

  • Create brand proposition for medium to large potential customers
  • Identify and assist with accessing key customers

Packaging Company (Sept06 – Jan07)

  • Create strategy to market USP product ensuring maximisation of GP in a highly competitive market
  • Restructure sales force and develop sales programme

Mecaplastic (Sep08 - Mar12)

  • Defining Marketing Strategies
  • Preparation and implementation of annual advertising campaign
  • PR schedule and interaction with key media editorial personnel

Nutri Pack (Sep08 - Mar12)

  • Campaign to increase brand awareness and deliver product USPs
  • Data Services follow up to engage with customer and set appointments for sales force.


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